Pavel is a problem-solver and efficiency expert with a talent for simplifying complex assignments. With a focus on automation, tool development, and process optimization, Pavel is passionate about improving organizational efficiency and bringing order to complex systems and structures.

With extensive experience in project and process management, he is skilled in guiding companies through implementation and post-implementation project phases. He is also experienced in designing and implementing effective job architectures, including agile structures, and assisting organizations with HR and related transformation projects.

His expertise in complex data analytics makes him a critical component of any project. He presents his analysis findings to management boards and stakeholders through clear and understandable data visualizations, serving as a basis for final decisions.

With a track record of delivering successful projects across various industries, including IT, Telco, real estate, petrochemicals, and start-ups, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Cornerstone International Group team.

Pavel’s primary focus within the group is on projects for start-up companies, with a strong emphasis on remuneration and job architecture. He is also an expert in job evaluation and compensation of leaders in the Czech Republic and is currently working on a project to survey the remuneration of top managers in the country.