“Activate emotional intelligence for successful choices – A coaching that connects talents,  motivations and actions for powerful outcomes”- My clients become free of what holds them back, choose more effective behaviors and express their full potential … in tune with who they are and their values.

Coaching Approach


✶WHAT GETS ME OUT OF MY BED? The perspective of easing people – like you – to live their full potential, to act intentionally towards what matters  and make successful choices; so that your leadership creates sense & enthusiasm around you in the world.

How to do I operate? With simplicity, I speak your language (as an ex-manager) so we get in tune & be efficient quickly. I  bring optimism and lightness in the deep topics you choose to face therefore your motivation keeps high. I leverage on your emotional intelligence to let your uniqueness come up.

Usually my clients appreciate my very human, mutual and engaging, yet structured, flexible and concrete approach. They experience with me a dynamic, focused and stimulating co-partnership.

Empathetic, challenging and cordial, they notice I convey optimism while showing perseverance and emotional closeness. They underling my insightful intuition opens up new scenarios for success.

Typical Clients

#WHO I WORK WITH? People like you, executives & managers, men & women who feel like experiencing positive change with ease to make their next step.

My executive clients usually hire me for reaching their goals faster, getting the most out of their team and build positive and meaningful relationships … in respect of who they are, for a fulfilling life.

They are usually in transition phases – integration, bigger role-team-perimeter ; I support them in overcoming criticalities – team issues, sensitive dynamics with peers, challenges.

I often coach talented women in finding their own way to express their executive presence so to influence better their organizations.

Results Achieved

The results you get with me come from unlocking your potential while freeing you up from what holds you back- often unconsciously. The outcomes, for instance, are frequently around:

A  RESONANT LEADERSHIP WITH GREATER INFLUENCE, an inspiring way to lead change with empathy, an empowered team, a more effective delegation, bigger results.

STRONGEST TRANSVERSAL ABILITIES – flexibility in choosing your tactics, proactive collaboration & assertiveness, less conflict, multicultural sensitivity.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE that, actively put at play, transcend organizations and people.

PERSONAL FULFILLMENT –  more self-efficacy, awareness of your talents, new motivation & energy.

Professional History

AS A COACH? More than 3,400 hours of executive coaching with clients cross- industries and cross-functions- MCC

AS AN EX MANAGER? I’ve led with success marketing teams across Europe;  I know well the dynamics between local branches and HQ, between marketing, sales, manufacturing and R&D. I easily decode cross-cultural relationships (experience with >20 nations).


My credentials include an Executive Master’s degree in Business Strategies Development at Il Sole 24 Ore Business School, a Master Certified Coach certification from ICF, the course Coaching for Leadership at INSEAD, a diploma of Corporate Coaching at CoachU Italy, the Marshall Goldsmith Centered Coaching certification, a certified training of Mentor-Coaching, the EQ Practitioner and EQ Facilitator Training, systemic team coaching.