Spring 2014 Senior Management Survey

Take Our 8th Annual Senior Management Survey Atlanta, Ga – January 31, 2014 –   Our eighth annual global survey of senior managers was launched today and will run throughout February.   You are invited to participate by following this link. The Cornerstone International Group Senior Management Survey is different from most similar surveys by offering an

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Spring 2013 Senior Management Survey

BUSINESS LEADERS FOCUS ON TALENT DEVELOPMENT Business leaders sampled on a worldwide basis are stepping up measures to maximize returns from the existing workforce.  This is one of the findings of our latest Spring 2013 Senior Management Survey now available.  Download your copy below to read the full report. Spring 2013 survey results EU  (PDF)

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2012 Senior Management Survey

2012- BUSINESS LEADERS STILL RIDING ROLLER-COASTER Up again, down again. The record of our progress towards global economic recovery can be seen these days in almost any business survey. Certainly this year’s annual worldwide survey of senior management by Cornerstone International Group spells it out. This time last year, the light had turned green and

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2009 Senior Management Survey Results

Welcome to the Cornerstone 2009 survey of senior management expectations, sampled on a worldwide basis. As one of the world’s leading networks in human resources consulting, our job is to inform and advise businesses on a wide range of issues having both near and far term consequences for each enterprise. This survey is just one

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