Cornerstone Survey Suggests Engagement Reality Gap

ATLANTA, Ga.  May 24, 2017 –  Employee engagement has been identified as one of the leading management challenges of the day, but business leaders appear slow to react, according to a new survey.

The 11th annual Global Business Survey by Cornerstone International Group indicates 65% of respondents believe their employees are engaged.  However, only 18% were aware of their engagement score and of those, fully 80% were not satisfied with it.

“Some firms may be taking the engagement of their employees a bit for granted,” commented Larry Shoemaker, president of Cornerstone International Group. “What I see here is a low awareness of the rigor required to raise engagement to the levels that result in improvement on the bottom line.”

Previous surveys have indicated a gap as great as 30% in bottom line performance between companies with low and high employee engagement.  Along with retention and succession planning, engagement   is cited in the top three challenges facing HR organizations today by the world leading Society for Human Resource Management.

In the Cornerstone Global Business Survey, only 35% of respondents believed their engagement program was successful.  Of the remainder, almost 30% pointed to a lack of leadership on the issue.

The full survey report is available here 

Cornerstone International Group is one of the Top 10 global management consulting organizations, specializing in executive search and leadership development.  It has offices in 35 countries with headquarters in Shanghai, China and here in Atlanta.

Senior managers in Europe, North & South America, China, India and Rest of Asia completed the 2017 Global Business Survey.


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