Spring 2014 Senior Management Survey

Take Our 8th Annual Senior Management Survey

Atlanta, Ga – January 31, 2014 –   Our eighth annual global survey of senior managers was launched today and will run throughout February.   You are invited to participate by following this link.

The Cornerstone International Group Senior Management Survey is different from most similar surveys by offering an almost instant snapshot of the conditions and challenges facing managers in the major markets of the world.

Results are compiled within two weeks of closing.  By being our eighth annual, it also provides some powerful and meaningful comparison and trend development.

For example, last year, facing a fast-growing trend in executive mobility coupled with increasing difficulty to recruit, only 34% of survey respondents were satisfied their leadership pipeline was healthy.   Let’s see where that one went a year later!

The questionnaire is short ( 25 questions) and your information can be given anonymously and always remains confidential.  Only aggregated findings are published.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire.  We will be pleased to send you a  free, advanced copy of the survey findings next month.

Click here to take survey

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