Global Business Survey Probes Workforce 2020

ATLANTA, GA. May 17, 2018 – A global survey into the challenge of future talent planning will probe the impact of the millennial and Gen Z cohort as a workforce majority in the near future. The survey is the 12th annual conducted among global business leaders by Cornerstone International Group, a world ranking executive search and leadership development organization headquartered here and in Shanghai.

“The values of the millennials are playing a major role in changes that are sweeping the workplace”, says Larry Shoemaker, president of both the organization and of the member search firm Cornerstone Atlanta.

“Full-time work is on the decline as incoming employees seek a better work-life balance. Leaders will have to learn to manage a workforce with more contractors, consultants and freelancers.”

The Cornerstone global business survey reflects attitudes and expectations in up to 34 countries where the retained search and leadership development organizations has member offices.

The survey questionnaire can be accessed here, or by going to the global website at

The brief survey is open to all senior managers and executives and can be completed anonymously.

“Our global footprint as well as the nature of our business gives as a great opportunity to sample senior management opinion on major business issues,” says Shoemaker.

The report will be issued in mid-June.

For more information:
Tami Fitzpatrick
Executive Administrator
Cornerstone International Group

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