Cornerstone Report Studies Shifts in Organizational Culture

ATLANTA GA, June 21, 2019:  The evolution of organizational culture today is being driven by speed, boundarylessness and social awareness says a new study by Cornerstone International Group, a global executive recruiter.

Writing on today, George Bradt, an authority on executive onboarding and transition acceleration, identifies digitalization, technology and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as primary influences identified in the survey.

“The report confirms that speed and ubiquity of digitalization are rewriting information flows and technology has erased boundaries,” says Bradt. “Perhaps most significant is the growing impact of CSR.  The new generation of talent will only work where their social expectations are being met.”

The in-depth survey of CXOs was conducted in 20 countries by members of Cornerstone International Group, led by Heinz Wester of Cornerstone Stockholm. The Group is a global leader in retained search and leadership development with headquarters in Shanghai and here in Atlanta.

“Our structure allowed us to conduct one-on-one interviews with business leaders in different regions,” says Wester.  “As a result, we were fortunate to obtain really meaningful insights into the very fast- moving evolution of culture and leadership challenges.”

Issues identified by respondents included:

  • Decision-making is being moved closer to the customer
  • Information is reaching executive levels faster and unfiltered
  • Social responsibility must start with the Board and permeate the entire organization
  • Work groups are becoming more autonomous
  • Niche talent acquisition is being favored because it delivers necessary knowledge on Day 1

Visit the global website of Cornerstone International Group to read or download the report “Where is Your Business Heading”.

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