Heinz is a senior Partner at the JP- Cornerstone Stockholm office. Prior to joining, Heinz was Partner at Heidrick & Struggles.

Heinz has led searches focusing on Board positions, CEOs and other C-level positions across most continents including Europe, APAC, and Americas regions. Heinz’ specific expertise and interest is diversity in a broader sense, global leadership trends, executive search and team evaluation and development.

Heinz has a broad C-level and board experience on both national and international level. His working experience covers business within the industrial, media, retail and financial services, focused on functional responsibility for CEO, marketing and sales positions.

He has worked under, and gained experience from, Swedish, American, Dutch, Swiss, German and Finnish organizations and leadership styles. Heinz has held more than 20 board positions as Chair, NED or executive director.

He has worked in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, and for shorter periods also in Austria, Italy and Spain.

Heinz holds an MBA, focusing on leadership, psychology, performance management and organizational theory from the University of Stockholm. He is multi-lingual in Swedish, English and German.