Cornerstone 2015 Survey Report

Eight Years Later, The Contradictions continue

ATLANTA, Ga. – June 30, 2015 – The contradictions continue. The ninth annual worldwide survey of Senior Management by Cornerstone International Group suggests the after-shock of the 2008 financial crisis is still bedevilling corporate strategy eight years later.

Tell-tale forecasts such as revenue growth, intent to hire and expectations of both global and local economies continue to track erratic displays of confidence and non-confidence.

One of the few things everyone agrees on? If you are going to hire, good candidates are both harder to find and harder to sign.

The complete report of the 2015 survey is available here.

Cornerstone International Group is a world leading organization of retained executive search and recruiting specialists, with independently owned members in 35 countries.

The 2015 survey shows a reversal of previous years in which business leaders have felt their local economies performed more strongly than the global economy. Not anymore, as leaders expressed greater concern over local market trending.

Talent management continues to be shaped by ongoing economic pressure and technology with the emphasis on maximizing existing assets. This year, 25% more firms have people management goals embedded in their corporate strategy and 16% more have performance measurement programs integrated throughout the company.

The increasing challenge of finding and hiring top quality candidates may also account for a shift in coaching rationale: while the biggest single reason for applying coaching is still to resolve a specific weakness, over 30% of respondents now embrace an ongoing coaching strategy for continuous career development.

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