The Ninth Habit Of Highly Successful People

The AESC 2017 survey of roughly 2,000 C-suite executives asked (among other things) what services would help their competitiveness in the market.

Over 50%, unprompted, said Executive Coaching.

Here at Kavelle Coaching (a Cornerstone coaching specialty firm in London, Eng.), we are convinced from personal experience that coaching behaviour is a cornerstone for effectiveness.

We are encouraged that a substantial body of executives share our view.

We also recognize that Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits —  plus his subsequent 8th Habit — set out the most widely recognisable ideas focusing on human effectiveness – executive or otherwise.

So it seemed very logical that we describe Coaching behaviour as the NINTH HABIT.

Effectiveness equals competitiveness in the executive market.

Executive coaching behaviour is worth the considerable effort it takes to make it a habit.

The ongoing support of an experienced coach focusing on the tough changes in behaviour required to be a CEO is a powerful factor in achieving that goal.

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