Reflections: Why we get together every year

With today’s connected economy, organizations have few boundaries.

Often they are expanding from their historical geographical footprint. Perhaps they are just beginning to examine the potential offered in other parts of the world; maybe they are well into building a global presence. Whichever it is, their requirements are global.

Executive search specialist Meg Bradt
Chairman Simon Wan with Meg Bradt, a new Cornerstone member in New York City

Consultants serving and advising these organizations must adapt to remain relevant, or risk losing the relationship to others who are.

When we use the words organization and consultant what we are really talking about is people. It is people who must adapt and change. Individuals, whether they are an employee, an entrepreneur or in an active job search, need to learn to do things differently. Everyone must bring more value into business relationships.

Having a strong network of strong people has never been more important. A network enables each of us to accommodate the much broader, more complex requirements that have become reality. Cornerstone International Group is such a network.

We have attracted members who place customer service and sound business practices at the top of their priorities. The result is a global network responsive to client’s needs anywhere around the globe. We have the focus of a local presence along with the reach to be global.

At the beginning of June we held our Annual Global Conference. Once a year, we get together to share, to learn and to get to know our fellow members. We think this is one of the most important occasions of the year. Our members are owner-managers who have built leading businesses in their own market and have chosen to offer global services through Cornerstone. But no member is going to entrust the good will of his own clients to anyone he or she does not know, respect and trust.

Trust is the most important concept for an effective network, and it was evident throughout the conference. Everyone also showed, through their participation, their willingness to share. Creating, sharing, building and nurturing relationships enable each of us to deliver value.

The global conference is a time when Cornerstone International Group builds for the future. Nine new members were presented, business practices shared, relationships strengthened.

It was a great experience for us. It points to a bright future for the companies we serve.

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