COVID-19 – There’s no going back

Managing change is one of the new skillsets for the future, say executive leaders on two continents.

Daniel Gamba of New York, Co-Head of Fundamental Equities at BlackRock, and Blas Maquivar, President of Global Emerging Markets with Mars Wrigley in London, addressed how global leadership is adjusting to a new “normal” that is still evolving.

They spoke to business leaders in 45 countries on a Cornerstone webinar moderated by Chairman Simon Wan.

“We won’t be going back to pre-Covid,” says Gamba. “Something else will emerge, and bring new opportunities. We must be ready for it.”

Speaking from London, Maquivar also sees change as inevitable and personal. “We still need human connection, but the balance has changed,” he says. ”I don’t think we have found that answer yet. But it’s going to be very, very important that we crack the code and find the right balance on that physical and digital connection amongst us.’’

You can view the whole discussion here.

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