Practical Steps You Need to Take Today

Some of you may have decided that the change in the seasons signifies the appropriate time to add new energy to your job search.  Here are some suggestions that should be helpful:

  1. Take the time to understand what is important to you at this time in your career.  Consider this carefully, prioritize it, and write a list of 7-10 really important things for the next segment of your career.  This will be the foundation to base your job search on.
  2. Consider your assets, then make a list of the 7-10 things that you offer an organization.  Be specific – and honest with yourself.  Knowledge, skills and experience are more important here than personal characteristics (such as hard worker or quick learner).  This is what the organization will get when you join them.  This is what they are “buying” when they hire you!
  3. Prepare your resume.  Make it inviting to read.  Read my blog on creating an effective resume.  Remember, a resume is simply an advertisement, with the goal of generating an interview.
  4. Make a list of target organizations you would like to work with – or you would like to explore working with.  Identify those organizations that appear to fit what is important to you.  Conduct research to learn about what is taking place within the organization that you can help them with.
  5. Begin contacting your network, and add new people to it.

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