When Should You Look For Specialists In Executive Search?

When a company needs to hire a senior executive that fits the needs, objectives, culture and level of decision-making, they should entrust this work to specialists in Executive Search.

Why?  Because poor recruitment in this hierarchy level can seriously undermine the future of the organization.

retained executive search candidateIn my experience as an executive search specialist in South America, there are specific situations where a prudent company would look for specialists to fill a key executive or senior management gap.


Positions of specialized experience

When a position is very specialized, for example, that of an actuary for an insurance company, you need to use the services of a relevant and experienced firm able to perform targeted and specialized search.


Finding the right fit

The Executive Search consulting process performs a full, confidential mapping of the market and identifies who, in addition to meeting the technical requirements and needed competences, fit the culture of your organization.


Significant changes in the organization

Mergers, acquisitions, crises, etc. have an impact on the kind of talent that can help the company to adapt or overcome these changes.  At times like these, you need a firm that will work as a strategic partner in direct search and selection of positions, in effect becoming an advisor and extension to you, the client.


The company does not have the necessary human resources or knowledge

Today many organizations have only one business partner for local operation, which most likely means  they do not have resources to search directly in the marketplace –a time consuming process


The company does not have a leadership succession plan

It is common among local and multinational companies not to have a sufficient number of senior executives with the right skills to take over leadership positions, while they do have several junior executives who rotate constantly without actually making a career strong enough within the company.


Generally speaking, the higher in the hierarchy the need appears, the more difficult it is to attract the right talent for a new position at that level.

The firms that recognize this and have formed a strategic relationship with a search firm experienced in their sector have created a competitive advantage over their competitors when it comes to the critical challenge of finding the right people.

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