Are You The Ideal Client For An Executive Recruiting Firm?

The best executive recruiting campaigns are a team effort — and you are on the team!

So you want to hire a retained search specialist!retained search agreement

First of all, congratulations on recognising the advantages of the retained search model, especially if you need to fill a senior position.

Second, to get the most out of your new relationship it helps to understand the process. Here are my ideas of how the client can contribute to a successful outcome.

  1. Ideal clients appreciate their consultant. They consider him or her a valuable advisor and a welcome problem solver. The consultant is a key member of the team.
  1. There are not usually tough negotiations about the consultant’s fee. It is most often market-based and accepting a fee structure typical of your market shows you recognize the value of what you are requesting.
  2. The ideal client takes sufficient time to inform the consultant in detail about the job to be filled. He or she introduces the consultant to the colleagues and co-workers of the future job holder and allows the consultant a deep insight into the company’s internal issues.
  3. Do not engage another executive consulting company simultaneously regarding the same position. Not only would this cause confusion, but you would most likely lose your first choice.
  4. Both parties know a speedy result is beneficial. Leaning on the consultant doesn’t speed up a complex process.
  5. The client is aware how difficult it is to find really excellent candidates today. He or she will therefore make the time available for interviews, even at short notice, and understands that it is the job of the employer to court such top candidates – not the other way round.
  6. After getting to know the candidate, quick and clear decisions from the client are important. Neither the consulting firm nor the candidate appreciates delayed decision-making and the best candidates will choose other options.

No surprises here. Just a template for a professional relationship which is the key to the best result.

Remember, you are both professionals with separate backgrounds and experience. You want to put these skill sets together. You are a team.


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