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Cornerstone’s member offices are owner-managed, regional leaders and share best practices worldwide. As a retained executive search firm, this means not just sourcing the best person but getting him or her contributing to your success in the shortest time.

That’s why we say Speed Counts.

But it’s not just speed. Hiring someone who looks superbly qualified doesn’t always stay that way.

So Fit Counts as well, maybe even more.

There’s one more thing that many recruiters overlook. We have to be able to communicate really well with you. If we don’t understand your needs, and if we both don’t understand what is important in candidates, the exercise is doomed.

So, yes, Communication Counts.

There’s more – a lot more. But we wanted to start with the core values that we will bring to the task of finding the best candidate for your opening. Learn More »


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Meet Our Consultants

  • Jyotsna Nair

    Jyotsna is Senior Consultant based in Cornerstone International Group’s Mumbai office. She independently manages searches in Senior Management positions in Manufacturing, Hospitality, NGO, and automotive sectors.

  • Sanjeet Kumar Mukherjee

    Sanjeet Kumar Mukherjee, has joined our Mumbai office as a Client Engagement Manager. He aims to be an outstanding professional in the Retained Executive Search space adding value to corporates and professionals in their growth in near future.

  • Neelima Maniar

    Neelima joined our Mumbai office as a General Manager.

  • Vasudha Jha

    Vasudha Jha has joined our Delhi office as General Manager.
    She is a senior communications professional with an experience of almost two decades in the Communications and Public Advocacy business.

  • Binay Kumar

    Binay is Senior Vice President based in our New Delhi office.

  • Divya Chandra

    Divya Chandra, joined our Bangalore office as a Client Engagement Manager.

  • Madhumita Kumari

    Madhumita is Business Manager at Cornerstone India, based in Bangalore.  She has successfully lead search assignments for Indian as well as Multinational Companies across multiple Industry sectors and functional disciplines.

  • John Burke

    John Burke is chief operating officer and partner of Cornerstone International Group in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

  • Mike McKee

    Michael McKee is chief executive officer of Cornerstone International Group in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

  • Patrick Zimmerman

    Patrick Zimmerman is Director, Recruitment for Cornerstone International Group in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

  • Larry O'Brien

    Larry O’Brien is Director of the Talent Development and Coaching practice for ECS Partners International.

  • Meg Bradt

    Meg Bradt is Founder and Principal of Simetra Executive Search Partners, Cornerstone International Group’s member office in New York City.

  • Mary Carlson

    An international expert on leadership in the performing arts and music business, Mary Carlson has placed CEOs and artistic directors at major arts organizations from Sydney to New York and most places in between.

  • John Lawler

    John Lawler is an experienced leadership consultant and executive coach who specializes in helping leaders plan and implement team alignment during points of transition such as executive and team onboardings, mergers, acquisitions, changes in ownersh

  • Ralf Knegtmans

    Ralf Knegtmans is managing partner, statutory director and co-owner of De Vroedt & Thierry, Cornerstone International Group’s member firm in Amsterdam. His specialty is high-end executive searches in both the public and private sector.

  • Lina Sintes de Tellez

    Lina has 10 years of experience as an Executive Search Consultant.

  • Diane Fennig, PhD

    Diane Fennig brings more than 25 years of career development and management experience, working in association with universities and higher education systems in three states.

  • Craig Eggleton

    Craig Eggleton, Senior Consultant with The Human Capital Group, brings deep insights from lessons learned in progressive senior management roles for a Fortune 50 private corporation.

  • Nancy Reece

    Nancy Reece is a Senior Consultant with The Human Capital Group and specializes in developing leaders and teams that gain competitive advantage and deliver sustainable business results
    She intuitively knows how to challenge people to make a powerful

  • Bruce Lane

    Bruce Lane is a seasoned business executive with 25+ years of experience in Human Capital Management.

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