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Cornerstone’s member offices are owner-managed, regional leaders and share best practices worldwide. As a retained executive search firm, this means not just sourcing the best person but getting him or her contributing to your success in the shortest time.

That’s why we say Speed Counts.

But it’s not just speed. Hiring someone who looks superbly qualified doesn’t always stay that way.

So Fit Counts as well, maybe even more.

There’s one more thing that many recruiters overlook. We have to be able to communicate really well with you. If we don’t understand your needs, and if we both don’t understand what is important in candidates, the exercise is doomed.

So, yes, Communication Counts.

There’s more – a lot more. But we wanted to start with the core values that we will bring to the task of finding the best candidate for your opening. Learn More »


New White Paper
Pharma in Mexico

With offices in 36 countries, Cornerstone International Group members are ideally placed to comment on trends and developments in their regions.    Read Geraldine du Tilly’s White Paper on how the global transformation of the pharmaceutical industry is playing out in central America. Read now »


Know What Search You Need

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Meet Our Consultants

  • Gaetano Piermarocchi

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  • Giuseppe Papadia

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  • Roberto Delconte

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  • Antonio Cellè

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  • Luigi Rossi

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  • Alexandra Mantzoutsou

    Alexandra joined the Cornerstone team in 2016 as Associate Partner after 21 years in senior Human Resources Management and Consulting roles in top-notch organizations in the Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Consulting field.

  • Dao Khanh Chi

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  • Tu Tran

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  • Nguyen Huynh

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  • Phuong Nguyen

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  • Chaue Le

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  • Larry Faskowitz

    Larry Faskowitz is a Senior Consultant at Shoemaker & Associates, Cornerstone International Group’s member office in Atlanta. He has more than 34 years of successful leadership experience in Corporate America.

  • Anna Xu

    Anna Xu is an Associate Partner with Cornerstone International Group Australia and leads the Life Science practice.

  • Maria Belen Araya

    Maria Belen is a Managing Consultant at Cornerstone Lima, conducting local and international searches for a wide array of industrial, mining, consumer goods and service businesses.

  • Anil Gupta

    Anil Gupta
    President – Board & CEO Services
    Anil is President of the Board and CEO Services Practice based at our New Delhi office and brings over 35 years of diverse global and regional leadership experience with P&L responsibilities.

  • Atsushi Murata

    Atsushi Murata is the Director of Human Future, the Cornerstone member in Yokohama.  Atsushi is a seasoned business executive and a professional consultant in strategic management and learning, and development.

  • Yvette Rae

    Yvette Rae is a Partner in Cornerstone International Group Australia and is the firm’s Principal Consulting Psychologist.

  • Robert Wong

    Robert Wong is an international expert on Latin and Central America and has placed Board Members, CEOs, and Directors for a broad range of multinationals, management companies, and foundations.

  • Arlindo Marin

    Arlindo Marin is a Senior Consultant of Technique Search, Cornerstone International Group’s member firm in Brazil with four offices.   He is responsible for coordinating international clients out of the Sao Paulo bureau.

  • Denis Song

    Denis Song is a Senior Consultant and Manager of Technique Search, Cornerstone International Group’s member firm in Brazil with four offices.   Denis manages the office in Campinas.

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