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Cornerstone’s member offices are owner-managed, regional leaders and share best practices worldwide. This means not just sourcing the best person but getting him or her contributing to your success in the shortest time.

That’s why we say Speed Counts.

But it’s not just speed. Hiring someone who looks superbly qualified doesn’t always stay that way.

So Fit Counts as well, maybe even more.

There’s one more thing that many recruiters overlook. We have to be able to communicate really well with you. If we don’t understand your needs, and if we both don’t understand what is important in candidates, the exercise is doomed.

So, yes, Communication Counts.

There’s more – a lot more. But we wanted to start with the core values that we will bring to the task of finding the best candidate for your opening. Learn More »

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Know What Search You Need

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Challenge Ahead for China
Company Culture Matters

China’s growth goals will transform business there, says Cornerstone’s Laurie O’Donnell
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Meet Our Consultants

  • Eduardo Comella

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  • Richard Jackson

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  • Markus Wehrhahn

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  • Ales Jirec

    Aleš is a Managing Partner of Cornerstone Prague, our member firm in the Czech Republic & Slovakia.

  • Mila Kubikova

    Mila is a Managing Partner of Cornerstone Prague and Managing Director of Challenge CZ Prague, Cornerstone’s member firm in the Czech Republic.

  • Ruchika Gokarn

    Ruchika is a Partner at Cornerstone International Group – Jakarta.
    She has advised, consulted and coached business leadership teams on an entire gamut of HR issues and has the strategic ability to assess both business and cultural issues.

  • Mark Ashton

    Mark is a well-respected business leader, developer, advisor, entrepreneur and turnaround specialist with a passion for creating, growing or restoring great businesses that continually outstrip customers’ expectations and thereby produce outsta

  • Clive Steeper

    Clive has over 30 years of experience as a business leader which clients find invaluable, whether they engage him as a coach, consultant, facilitator or executive recruiter. He is based in the UK and works globally.

  • Mike Green

    Mike is a seasoned HR Professional focussed on business results achieved through people in a range of businesses from a Privately Owned and Managed Business, to an M.B.O., a Multi Site Manufacturing Operation, and a US owned Multi National Business.

  • Walter Iacobelli

    Walter graduated in Psychology at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome.

  • Glenn Tibbles

    Glenn Tibbles is Vice President, having joined the Calgary team in 2013, and works in the Executive Search practice area.

  • Sourav Chatterjee

    Sourav is a Vice President with Cornerstone India with a principal focus to build Cornerstone International Group as a preferred provider of Executive Search in India.

  • Swapna Ram

    Swapna has joined Cornerstone India’s New Delhi office as Client Engagement Manager
    She has  eight years of varied experience in the field of Executive Search and Selection.

  • Maya Genova

    Maya Genova is a consultant psychologist with Cornerstone France in Paris, one of four offices of Moreno Consulting.
    Maya is 30 years old, from Bulgaria. At the age of 17, she decided to move to France in order to improve her skills in French.

  • Jacqueline Zhai

    Jacqueline Zhai is the Director of Cornerstone Beijing office.

  • Laurie O'Donnell

    Laurie O’Donnell is the Managing Director and office head of the Cornerstone Beijing office and also Managing Director of the newly opened office in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Vanessa Palomino

    Vanessa is Executive Search Director of Cornerstone Lima. She is a senior consultant in executive search.
    Previous Experience
    Vanessa has more than 12 years of experience as a consultant in Executive Search and Management Assessment.

  • Marcos Prospero

    Marcos is Managing Partner of Robert Wong Executive Consulting, Cornerstone’s member office for Brazil located in Sao Paulo.

  • Maria Tereza Garcia Wong

    Tereza is a full partner and executive search consultant at Robert Wong Executive Consulting, Cornerstone’s member office for Brazil located in Sao Paulo.

  • Renato Bagnolesi

    Renato is partner and executive search leader at Robert Wong Executive Consulting, Cornerstone’s member office for Brazil located in Sao Paulo.

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