Executive Search in Poland– 2016 Outlook


In 2015 our economy showed moderate but steady growth. The key to prosperity was largely due to domestic demand, but also growing investments.

In 2015:

  • 56 successful foreign investment projects worth a total of over 650 million Euro and over 9 000 new job positions resulted from the handling foreign investors by PAIiIZ. (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency).

In 2016:

  • Currently PAIiIZ is handling 185 projects, 21 % more than in the last year, which could create nearly 39,000 new job positions.

More info: http://www.paiz.gov.pl/why_poland/why_we_have_invested_in_Poland

The leader in foreign investment at this moment is the United States (45 American investments of EUR 443m total value with expected employment of 8,519 people). Germany is in second place with 26 projects worth EUR 1,0001m and planned employment of 5,560 new jobs, followed by investors from France — EUR 234m, 1,807 jobs – and Japan — EUR 294m and 4,000 jobs in the future.

The most popular sector among investors was R&D, followed by Automotive, BPO and ICT, IT, and Aviation.

In 2015 Polish GDP growth was 3.5 % and the unemployment rate 9.6 %. Poland has managed to keep the unemployment rate below the European Union average, with the majority of employed people working in Services.

Major Events in 2016

The Polish economy may accelerate this year to 3.7-3.8 % this year with continuing solid domestic demand. Industrial production suggests this, posting a sharp 7.8% increase in November.

Meanwhile, Poland’s new conservative government has drawn criticism from international bodies, after recent legislation has worked to consolidate power in the hands of the governing Law and Justice (PiS) party. The government has pushed controversial reforms that modify the way the constitutional court, public media, the Central Bank, and the anti-corruption agency function, giving  the government more control over such institutions.

For the period 2014-2020 Poland will be the largest beneficiary of the EU cohesion policy funds among all Member States (EUR 82.5 billion for implementing the cohesion policy in Poland).  This will accelerate economic growth and encourage companies to create new vacancies.

According to the EU funds report, the biggest investment in Poland will continue to be Infrastructure and the Environment, High Technologies, Knowledge, Education and Digital and Technical Development.

In Business Process Outsourcing and shared services, Poland is currently one of the most important countries on the European & Global Business Services map. In the “2014 Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations” report, Krakow ranked ninth in the world. Key selection factors such as availability of multi-city options, cultural proximity to Western Europe, and the availability of a high quality talent pool with distinct strengths in language skills continue to attract investors, allowing the Polish market to compete with the Indian market.

The NATO Summit will be held in Warsaw in 2016.  Our capital will host delegations from 28 member countries of NATO on July 8-9. Among the topics to be discussed will be difficult issues. The countries of Central and Eastern Europe want a policy of deterrence and strengthen defense capabilities against attacks from Russia. This causes differences of interest between them and, for example, Turkey, which wants to prevent shifting of NATO strategic priorities from the Southern to Eastern Europe.


Development of Executive Search

Local Chambers of Commerce, promoting activities:

  • Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce (promoting CIG members to foreign companies based in Poland, samples: cross-border assignment generated for France, the UK, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama)
  • Swedish-Polish Chamber of Commerce (cross-border education activity initiated by CIG Sweden to educate the Swedish companies, members of the organization, on Polish market and promoting the possibility of cross-border support in executive services: the seminar planed in Stockholm in 2016/2017)

Member of BNI (Business International Network):

  • Generating through the recommendations 26 local assignments for Polish companies on C-level /or specialist positions (samples: KDS (5), Laser Pack (2), Maxell (2), Property LLoyd Group (1), Groupon (1), Piekarnia Grzybki (2), Gotard (3), Top Beauty (2), Luksza Factory (1), BDRiZ (2), IGD Partnerzy (1), Mark Andy (1), Unidevelopment (2).
  • promoting CIG members to Polish companies planning their expansion (samples: initiating
    cross-border inquiries for CIG Romania, Russia, Czech Rep.)

Market Entry Services

We have started a website campaign to promote “Market Entry Services” addressed to the foreign investment planning expansion in our country and searching for experienced executive search company to head-hunt their Top Key Executives in Polish market: http://www.businessconsulting.com.pl/page/market-entry-en