Executive Search in Poland – 2015 Outlook

Economy Growing as Investment Returns

In 2014 our economy showed moderate but steady growth, largely due to domestic demand, but also growth in investments.

There were 45 successful foreign investment projects worth a total of 1.7 billion Euro as well as 7,604 new positions created as a result.  The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency currently has 175 projects on the books with a total value of 3.8 billion Euro, which are projected to create 38,648 new jobs.

The leader in foreign investment is the United States followed by Germany France and the UK.  Some foreign companies are moving moved their operations from Ukraine to the Polish market.

The most popular sector among investors was Business Process Outsourcing, followed by automotive, research and development, aviation, timber and electronics.

In 2014, Polish GDP growth was 3.2% and the unemployment rate 11.5%. Throughout 2014, employers submitted to labor offices almost 1.1 million vacancies.


Major events in 2015

The growth rate of the Polish economy in 2015 may accelerate and reach 3.5%.  The Polish economy is slowly returning to growth and 2015 is likely to be better than would have been expected a few months ago, mainly due to domestic demand.

Polish people will earn more money and still be able to enjoy lower prices in stores.  For the second year in a row, the Polish GDP will grow at a rate of more than 3%, which should encourage new investment and job creation.

There are two important elections in 2015: the Presidential election in May and the Parliamentary elections in October.

In April, the 7th edition of the largest business conference in Central Europe – the European Economic Congress, or EEC – will take place in Katowice. The three days of debates and meetings will bring together some 6,000 visitors, hundreds of panelists, EU commissioners, prime ministers and representatives of European governments, presidents of the largest companies, researchers and practitioners to debate the issues most important to the development of European continent.

For five years starting in 2015, many Polish companies will further develop their operations thanks to 105.8 billion Euros of European Structural and Investment Funds dedicated to:

  • modernization of the network infrastructure in transport, energy sector, environment and telecommunications such as the highway and railway infrastructure to connect Polish cities together
  • protection of the environment and renewable energy
  • improved employment, social inclusion and education policies
  • creation of an innovation-friendly business environment and support for enterprises.


Executive Search healthy

In 2014 we celebrated our 15th anniversary.  Clients or potential clients seeking recruiting services in Poland may also be interested in our collaboration with Chambers of Commerce located in Poland and/or abroad as well as legal offices and consulting companies specialized in new market entries.

These relationships brought us new assignments in the Polish market for companies from the USA, UK, Spain, Swiss, and Romania in IT, medical devices, printings, food processing and the energy industry.

We also won a cross border assignment from a Spanish company which, after a successful market entry in Poland, planned their next expansion in Peru, a mandate we were able to complete with our Cornerstone International Group colleagues there.

Finally, we have intensified our activities as a member of BNI Poland (Business Network International), thanks to which we gained many assignments locally for new Polish clients.  These are companies which are not only strongly developing their activity in our market, but planning to expand to other markets in Europe where they would require recruitment support