Cornerstone Forms Specialty Global Recruiting Teams

ATLANTA, Ga April 23 – The first of a new series of Specialty Practice Groups has been announced by global recruiter Cornerstone International Group (CIG).

The new Group is focused on Heavy Industries and will initially coordinate the expertise and experience of CIG members within the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector.

Giuseppe Campellone
Giuseppe Campellone

The Heavy Industries Practice Group is headed by veteran recruiting specialist Giuseppe Campellone, Managing Partner of Cornerstone International in Italy.

“Aerospace, Defence and Security is the first of three sectors in Heavy Industries where we have significant experience around the world,” says Campellone. “We are also assembling teams with special competencies in Shipbuilding & Rail and in Automotive.”

Finding and recruiting top talent is not only a bigger challenge today, but a global one, points out CIG President Larry Shoemaker, who is also President and owner of Cornerstone Atlanta here. A central premise of the CIG global network is to provide local expertise and entrepreneurial levels of service to organizations with staffing needs around the world.

The organization has members in 30 countries with headquarters in both Shanghai and Atlanta.

“Our members have search and recruitment experience supporting a wide range of organizations,” says Shoemaker. “In many sectors, there is a need for specialized knowledge providing the ability to source top-quality people with very specific skills.

“Our Specialty Practice Teams are created to provide that specific level of service around the globe.”

The Aerospace, Defence and Security specialty global recruiting teams will bring together subject experts from the US, Italy, China, Poland, Indonesia, Germany, Russia and Hungary.

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