40% of Executives Fail in Their First 18 Months

June 15, 2009: Cornerstone International Group (https://www.cornerstone-group.com), one of the top five Retained Executive Search organizations in the world, has added PrimeGenesis (http://www.primegenesis.com) with its executive onboarding services to its group. The alliance will allow Cornerstone’s offices around the world to offer onboarding services to client firms in collaboration via this premier executive onboarding firm.

Cornerstone’s Chairman and CEO, William Guy, stated, “PrimeGenesis brings a badly needed service to Cornerstone’s client firms. While 40% of executives fail in their first 18 months, PrimeGenesis’ work, helping new leaders and their teams deliver better results faster, has reduced that risk four-fold to less than 10%. Their partners are former senior line executives who literally wrote the books on the subject: ‘The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan’ (Wiley, 2006 and 2009); ‘Onboarding’ (Wiley, 2009); and ‘The Total Onboarding Program’ (Pfeiffer, 2010). Their relentless focus on and deliberate practice of onboarding since 2002 have given them a unique perspective that is going to provide rare advantages to the successful executives for Cornerstone’s retained searches.”

PrimeGenesis has helped onboard and accelerate executives around the world, working out of its offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and Tokyo. According to George Bradt, Managing Director, “The way people recruit, hire, and accelerate new talent is changing and Cornerstone is on the forefront of that change. Hiring organizations are looking to their recruiting partners to help with executive onboarding. Instead of trying to do everything themselves, Cornerstone has made the wise decision to leverage PrimeGenesis’ specialized team, tools, and perspective about onboarding to give its clients the best-in-class solution. We’re excited about the impact we and Cornerstone can make together.”

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