Turnaround the Economy: One Company at a Time

June 14, 2009: Today’s troubled world economy has created a vital need for practical solutions that start at the grass roots level. Virtually all companies are feeling the effect of current economic conditions. Many are already bankrupt.

Turnaround management can pull companies away from the brink of bankruptcy. But so-called turnaround executives are a different breed of leader from the traditional marketing-oriented leaders that have allowed their companies (and our economy) to rush towards self-destruction.

Like a silly moth that sears its own wings against the flames, far too many leaders have placed their companies at risk by short-term thinking, trying to maximize immediate sales and profits without seeing the foe in ambush just around the corner. They have borrowed beyond their means; they have failed to re-invest their capital; and/or they have forgotten what made their companies successful in the first place.

Can these trends be reversed? Cornerstone International Group believes that it can! Accordingly, they have just established a new Cornerstone Turnaround Division specifically designed to help client companies reverse downward business results.

Founder and CEO of the firm, William Guy, states, “We have been helping client firms with turnaround management for years, but now we must help hundreds more companies that are in urgent need to be turned around quickly. We are very good at matching executives—including turnaround executives—with client firms, and if we can help enough companies in this way, we might actually see a positive effect on national and even world economic recovery.”

Prominent Guests Spoke about Turnarounds at July Global Conference:

To help launch their new Cornerstone Turnaround Division, this worldwide organization invited principals representing over 100 independently owned and operated headhunting firms to a Global Conference held at the Las Vegas Monte Carlo Resort & Casino from July 8 to July 11. Keynote Speakers focused their remarks on how to turn around specific companies and thereby turn around national and world economies.

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