Executive Search in Finland– 2015 Outlook

Russian Sanctions Add To A Bleak Outlook

With the economy continuing to stagnate in 2014, executive search in Finland has struggled with the loss of many of our global companies and brands over the past few years. Many companies are planning to decrease the number of employees.

Because of the situation in the Ukraine, many companies exporting to Russia have been struggling during 2014 and it will continue in 2015.  Our public sector also has been a source of problems. It is too expensive for our national economy and there is no help coming.

The labour market has been quite tough for every level in the workforce. People have lost their jobs and there are quite a lot candidates ”between jobs” at the moment. This flat economy means serious challenges for our business. The recruiting competition is very hard and there are only few cases to win.

It seems that there will be no growth in 2015. This means that companies will continue cutting their costs and the number of employees and there are now many highly talented people available in Finland.

We are expecting to have hard times at an international level too as the sanctions against Russia  continue to have a major and negative effect on our economy.