The Cornerstone Eagle – December 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Day! It is a good time and right moment to express our gratitude, recognition and appreciation to those who offered help and support to us in work, social and private life. Having a thankful heart unlocks the fullness of life as it brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow!

This month we talked about……KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT as given the uncertain political and sometimes rioting situation in many countries of the world today, we need a better dose of knowledge and wisdom to guide our business and also our professional life….

THE CORNERSTONE EAGLE is the newsletter for senior executives, friends and partners of the Cornerstone International Group around the world. The Eagle is majestic, free and towers above all else when gracefully gliding the currents in the air. The Cornerstone International Group likewise feels close affinity with the Eagle, in professionalism in our practice, honesty and integrity in all our interactions, and making positive changes in our work and processes to improve and create added value for our clients and candidate

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