The Cornerstone Eagle – May 2019

THE CORNERSTONE EAGLE is the newsletter for senior executives, friends and partners of the Cornerstone International Group around the world. The Eagle is majestic, free and towers above all else when gracefully gliding the currents in the air. The Cornerstone International Group likewise feels close affinity with the Eagle, in professionalism in our practice, honesty and integrity in all our interactions, and making positive changes in our work and processes to improve and create added value for our clients and candidate

In this issue we talk about Empathy … and 

What is the true meaning of Empathy in simple terms?

It is about being able to move outside of self, get into the shoes of another person, and succeed in grasping their mental and emotional perspective in reality and in relation to a situation both positive and negative.

Empathy is a great gift to have in the personal or professional dimensions.  For some it comes naturally, for others it can be developed also.  More later …

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