Cornerstone Conference Taps into Academic World

OXFORD, England – Building human capability across functional, global, and cultural boundaries is a common management challenge for both the academic and business worlds. This was one of the central discussions of the Cornerstone International Group annual conference held recently in this venerable university city.

The event drew 75 delegates representing member firms around the world. Cornerstone is a leading consulting organization specializing in talent acquisition and evaluation.

In a keynote address, Dr. John Hood, Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford and a former business executive, described how he has developed a management style taken from his business experience. This effectively addresses complex issues facing the institution and brings highly intelligent people with very diverse interests to work towards a common goal – not at all dissimilar to the business model.

The University’s strategy includes forging partnerships with governments, other academic institutions, and the private sector to commercialize good ideas resulting from academic research as well as disseminate quick-breaking research of benefit to human kind.

“Dr. Hood’s address showed that we share basic challenges in this age of globalization and that human resource management can be universal,” said Cornerstone Chairman William Guy.

The Cornerstone conference included a number of guest speakers, each a thought leader in a specific area of expertise. Topics included developing leadership skills, assessing and integrating an international work force, taking a global view of HR policy and procedures for multi-national companies.

“This was the best attended conference to date,” said President Larry Shoemaker. “The theme was ‘Adding Value,’ and I think we all learned something to add value to our own businesses and to our clients.”

Pre-conference, the first ever Cornerstone Leadership Assessment Academy was held and a number of consultants were trained and accredited with the proprietary Cornerstone Leadership Assessment tools. This has the unique feature of matching an individual profile to a specific and unique job profile.

Cornerstone has quietly grown into one of the largest HR consulting organizations of its type in the world. Senior decision makers depend on the group to seek creative yet practical solutions to difficult challenges and to exploit special opportunities relating to talent acquisition and retention.

The group’s client list covers 50% of the 1,000 largest global firms, including nine of the 10 largest multi-national firms in the world.

For more information, please contact:
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