Referencing is usually conducted in two phases, that is, “preliminary referencing” prior to an offer, and “final referencing” following acceptance of an offer.   In case the candidate is deliberately hiding a disqualifying fact or characteristic,  Cornerstone usually recommends that an offer of employment be made “subject to final referencing.”

Resume Discrepancies:

Candidates who have been deliberately deceptive will usually respond in one of two ways when they discover how thorough and careful we will be in checking their references.   The candidate will either withdraw his or her name from consideration or acknowledge the fault or discrepancy, in either case avoiding the awkwardness of an aborted hire.  

Accurate Referencing

We request references on the basis of a variety of relationships (boss peer, subordinate, customer, vendor, etc.), a sampling through different employment situations, and in sufficient quantity to minimize bias and validate trends. 

Background Checking:

Many Cornerstone client firms request us to complete a thorough background investigation of each final candidate.   Such investigations typically entail criminal records, driving records, and academic records.

Reference Reports:

Clients anxious to expedite the final stages of recruitment can be provided with an oral report of the results of reference checking or background investigations.   A formal written report is usually delivered following acceptance of the offer and after the final candidate has reported to work in the new position. 

If reported properly, the reference report can serve more or less as a baseline for future employee progress reviews.”