Cristina’s expertise is focused on two main areas: organizational design and development and complete staffing projects. In terms of organizational design and development expertise, her background includes managing one of the main HR organization in Romania and expanding its reach on the international market over the last 15 years. She also coordinates local and international projects focused on designing or readapting organizational structures to meet a new set of performance indicators.

Cristina’s expertise in staffing projects is oriented mostly towards senior executive management and board members search.

Previous Experience
In more than 15 years of striving for excellence on the local and international market, Cristina has been involved in numerous complex HR projects both local and international. These range from executive search or expert recruitment in niche contextual projects over a wide area of industries, to complex multinational staffing projects including designing and implementing a long term project in a multi legal context.

Cristina has also been involved in the Social Dialogue as leader of an Employers’ Organization and has been actively involved in various professional lobbying groups. She also currently teaches a HR management course in an MBA program.

Additional Activities
In her free time Cristina likes gardening, reading and spending time with her friends

Cristina is presently finalizing her PhD in sociology. She holds a degree in economics and is also qualified as a trainer and project manager. She speaks fluently English and French.