Hera Zamgocyan joined DERGEL Executive Search team in 2020. Prior to joining, she started her career in diverse functions and industries ranging from hospitality, finance, and business development.

Fate intervened when she connected with Samuel Dergel for career coaching which ultimately led her to her current role as Senior Associate aligning both her strengths and passions in building relationships.

As an optimistic and motivated professional, Hera thrives on meaningful interactions and assisting others in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Hera is a relationship builder and an empathetic leader who develops others; her team members, the clients she interacts with as well as the candidates she engages with. Hera’s career experience in hospitality has given her the valuable ability to make her clients and candidates feel special and important, while ensuring delivery of the results our clients demand together with a very strong customer service focus.

Hera holds a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing with a minor in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.