Typical Clients

Nicholas coaches a broad range of clients, including team members of high pressure infrastructure JV projects working on improving their team collaboration and personal leadership; entrepreneurs and senior executives in start-ups and SMEs in their personal passion and effectiveness, team-management and work-life integration; and junior to seasoned executives in their career and potential development.

Results Achieved

Last year Nicholas coached a senior executive in a large multinational insurance company who was in charge of new product development and needed support in getting buy-in from various stakeholders located both here and overseas. Through exploring the client’s beliefs, communication and collaboration style and developing an action plan that the client was willing and able to implement, the project got the support and a green light.

Professional History

Nicholas has more than 10 years of experience in various management positions leading teams and managing P&L at HSBC Hong Kong and also as Finance Director at his family textile and garment business in Indonesia. He is the co-author of “Much Ado about Coaching” and “Translating Coaching Codes of Practice”.


Nicholas is a graduate of the Master in Organisational Coaching program at the University of Sydney, and also has an MBA from London Business School. He currently holds the credential of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation, as well as the CFA charter and CPA (Australia). In addition, Nicholas is an Accredited Team Management Profile Practitioner, a Qualified 4-D Systems Coach & Facilitator, a Certified Hogan Develop Practitioner, an Accredited Harrison Assessment Practitioner, and an Everything DiSC® Certified Trainer.

Coaching Approach

Nicholas is passionate about bringing out the best in people and their organisations – in tapping into the under-utilised knowledge and resources that often lie under the radar in individuals and teams.  He recovers and connects them to individual vision and organisational goals, as well as finds clarity and focus and clears obstacles and interferences in pursuing these goals.