The end point? Making you happy

Cornerstone International Group has placed client satisfaction at the center of its operations from the beginning.

We were among the first retained search organizations to provide clients with an unconditional written warranty and we paved the way among our peers in substantially improving the thoroughness of the reference checking process.

Executive search and the advanced preparation of business leaders is our core competence. It is an increasingly complex and demanding discipline and we are mindful that the difference between success and failure can have a huge impact on the business of our customers.

We work to minimize the risks of selection (see our Five-Star Search Process) and we raise the expectation of success through supporting services such as customized coaching and leadership development.

It is not surprising, then, that members of the Cornerstone International Group experience a very high level of repeat and referral business. Our offices usually command one of the top rankings in their local market for retained executive search and leader skills enhancement.

We represent organizations of all sizes. Many of our larger clients began with us as much smaller enterprises; we are proud to have helped them develop the management talent that enabled them to undertake bigger challenges, compete on the world stage and evolve into powerful and more successful businesses.