Welcome to the Cornerstone International Group Career Transition & Management Program.

This comprehensive Career Transition Program is designed for executives and professionals facing uncertain times in their careers.

While much of this program is focused on assisting individuals who have suffered a job loss due to a decision not of their making, we believe it will be equally helpful to individuals reflecting on their current career situation and wrestling with this key question:

Do I continue in my current role, or do I need to make a change to move forward?

We know that a career transition can be an anxious time. However, we believe it can also be an ultimately rewarding experience.

Our role, supported and enabled by the practical material in this Program, is to help guide and support you through this time in your life. We do this by helping you to look at your career progress and achievements to date, by assisting you as you identify the career direction and options you wish to consider, and by preparing you for your mission to find a new, challenging, and satisfying career opportunity.

Naturally, there may be a tendency to rush into accepting the first new job offered to you. Our experience is that taking the time to work through the transition in a deliberate and considered way is the best path forward. It is important from the outset to be realistic and accept that this effort may take several months, not weeks.

So, we encourage you to take the time to work through the entire program. You should reflect on and identify which enterprise environments in your past provided you with the most job challenges, satisfaction, achievements, and rewards. You also need to recognize factors that did not enable you to be as successful as you may have wished.

While there may be disappointments and setbacks along the way, it is important for you to remain positive, be resilient, adopt an enterprising mindset and stay on track as you drive toward your goal.

Working with you and supporting you through this journey is a key part of what we do.

We wish you well.

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