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Best of Both Worlds

If you are seeking an executive search partner you have a choice of three organizational structures

  1. You can choose a large, multi-office search firm.
  2. Or you can choose a small, boutique search firm.
  3. Or you can choose a consortium, or network, of boutique search firms.

You may prefer the personal service and undivided attention of a boutique search firm. But if your operations are in more than one market, finding one boutique firm in each is less than optimal, so the third choice will give you the best of both worlds.

We believe the consortium approach offers the greatest potential return for these reasons:

  • You have local knowledge of the market where you need the talent.
  • You have access to local and global talent databases.
  • In the event of specialized recruiting, you have access to skilled specialists in every discipline.
  • You are assured of a consultancy that will deliver the latest knowledge and tools.

That is a powerful combination of broad scope, global scale and local execution.

All good reasons why you should expect to

“Achieve More With Cornerstone”