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Intentional Leadership Development

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Dick Daniels is a highly experienced and qualified Cornerstone coach and the founder of the Leadership Development Group in Chicago. His latest blog post approaches an issue that some organizations still have trouble with – assessing the return on investment in developing leaders within the organization.

The name of Dick’s mission, Intentional Leadership Development,  underscores a frequent failing in organizational leadership strategy — once is not enough. An ad hoc strategy of engaging skilled coaching in response to a specific challenge or weakness is better than doing nothing. But after putting out that one fire, and perhaps returning a major talent back onto the track, the strategic benefit declines.

The alternative, superior strategy is what Daniels means by “intentional leadership development,” which is structured to move high-potential talent into a leadership development environment at multiple levels. Such an approach results in an organization of collaborative leaders throughout the structure, focused on operational efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Because the strategy is applied to key points in the organization’s business journey, an intentional leadership development program can be expected to lead to:

  • Improving bottom-line financial performance
  • Attracting and retaining your industry’s best talent
  • Driving a performance culture
  • Increasing organizational agility

“When you take an organizational view of executive coaching, it becomes an important investment in the growth of the company,” says Daniels. “You are building a foundation for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

“Numerous studies have reached the same conclusion. Organizations that invest continually in leadership development perform better than those that don’t.”

Read more about Dick Daniels’ philosophy of intentional leadership development.

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