I am an executive and leadership coach who is passionate about helping leaders grow and develop.  My vision is to support leaders and their teams to improve their game which positively impacts business performance and the lives of others they touch every day.My mission is to empower leaders to improve their game in a framework of self-discovery, self- renewal and committed action.

Typical Clients

I work with senior executives and high potentials to enhance their leadership skills, strengthen their emotional intelligence skills and their presence on how they show up and lead. My coaching is focused using cadre of tools including 360 feedback, personality and behavior assessment, values and helping the leader with their awareness of their four domains in how they show up. (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual) Typically, I am called to support leaders due to blind spots that is impacting their effectiveness leading and driving change, or they have recently been promoted into a larger and more complex role which requires building different skills.

Results Achieved

 I coached and advised the CEO of a Technology organization   supporting the telecommunications industry.  As a result of the coaching process, he improved his executive presence, communications skills, and improved the perception of his leadership by his peers and others.  This enabled the CEO to lead a successful strategic initiative which improved the top and bottom line of the organization.

 I coached a COO of a national health care organization who transitioned into a strategic corporate role as head of strategy.  As a result of the work, the leader effectively transitioned into her new role while leading a system wide strategic planning and Baldridge process.  The leader improved her skills in developing stronger relationships with her key stakeholders, including the CEO, and improved her influencing and communication skills. 

I coached a senior vice president of a national public relations organization.  As a result of our work, she significantly improved her emotional intelligence skills and her authentic executive presence which led her to work more effectively with her team and other members of the global organization to secure one the largest for-profit revenue producing clients.

Professional History

I have 30+ years of executive experience leading turnarounds and driving sales and marketing efforts for several organizations.  My work has shepherded organizations through start-up, turned around troubled companies, and infused new vision into established, mature businesses. 

As an executive, I have been fortunate to have worked with two leadership coaches in my career who had a tremendous impact on me. 


  • Professional Coaching Certification, Georgetown University, 2009.
  • PCC (International Coaching Federation)
  • Certified Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment
  • Certified Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment
  • Certified Enneagram Personality Assessment
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Assessment (EQi2 .0)
  • Certified Group Coaching Foundations (Verve)

Coaching Approach

 I pride myself in developing trust quickly due to being an active listening, my deep curiosity, and my strict confidentiality.  I am empathic, non-judgmental and direct coach who partners with my leaders to increase their self-awareness and help them focus on the key developmental opportunities that will have a greater impact on their leadership skills.  My coaching is grounded in validated behavioral assessments and a 360 tool, and a 4-dimensional leader model which elevates emotional intelligence. 

My clients value my approach, the tools I use and my honesty which leads to an increase in their leadership effectiveness, their interpersonal relationships and improve business performance.