PRESS RELEASE: Resurgent Pandemic Stressing Leaders at All Levels

ATLANTA, Ga. October 26, 2020  — A resurgent pandemic is placing massive stress on leaders around the world, according to an international panel of experts.  With the majority of an organization’s workforce working outside the office, managers face new priorities ensuring the welfare of their human capital.

Such were the findings of a recent global webinar on the Future of Talent co-sponsored by the P&G Alumni Network and Cornerstone International Group, an executive search and leadership consultancy.

Current data indicates over 42% of the U.S. workforce is now working from home, a stupendous shift in work and human relationships in less than eight months. No burden appears heavier than that borne by the direct lines of hands-on managers

“We are placing a tremendous amount of responsibility on our lower management, the individuals who are interfacing with our scattered working populations,“ says Laurie O’Donnell, Cornerstone’s head of coaching who manages over 100+ certified coaches worldwide.

They are struggling to cope with their own lives but they must also address the social needs of their people. How are they doing? What do they need for working at home? It’s a demand of empathy and understanding and they are ill-prepared for it.”

Historically better prepared, the CEO is also in unfamiliar surroundings. Facing a premium on trust, it is the CEO who steps into a frontline position once the prerogative of HR.

”Trust has become extremely important in the last eight months and the CEO has to take over,” says Cornerstone Chairman Simon Wan. “Culture and humanity is set at the top and these days, the CEO has to be more visible and show his or her humanity. Almost overnight, empathy has become a key attribute.”

Also participating in the discussion were three senior members of the P&G Alumni:  Ranu Gupta, Graciela Ivonne Monteagudo, and Robert Duque. The webinar was attended by over 900 viewers around the world and a recording can be viewed at

Cornerstone International Group has been a leading executive search and leadership development organization for over 30 years. It has 60 offices in 40 countries. More information is available at


Diego Cubas
Global Marketing Chair
Cornerstone International Group

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