Why You Should Be Onboarding New Funding

Onboarding is a crucible of leadership. Done right, it accelerates progress. Done wrong, there’s pain for all involved.

This is true for onboarding new people and also for onboarding new rounds of funding. The key is to be intentional about onboarding new funding in ways that strengthen your culture – just like you onboard new people.

Be even more intentional about your culture.

– Building culture is the most important job of any leader.

Invest in all aspects of onboarding new team members:

– Align everyone around how new team members are going to fit – before you start recruiting any of them.
– Acquire them in a way that fits with your culture.
– mmodate their needs so they can do work.
– Actively assimilate them into the culture and then help them accelerate progress.

Invest in onboarding new funding with the same rigor:

– Align everyone around the opportunities and risks brought by the new funding.
– Acquire the funding in a way that fits with your culture.
– Then accommodate, assimilate and accelerate the new funding and all the stakeholders that come with it and are enabled by the funding in ways that strengthen your culture.

Via:  Forbes

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