Will You Sign It? Be Proud of Your Work

Years ago we were in a simpler environment.  It was almost as if we were in a fantasy world – everything went along as it should have.  Of course this was never true, but sometimes we seem to think it did.  All the technological breakthroughs have had a huge, positive impact on our world.  Along with that has come impersonality – the fact that we mostly have become numbers, and are expected to accept things without question.  At least that is how it appears.  Those who have vision continue to challenge this.  Continue to reach out to add value.  Continue to strive to make a difference.

Are you in this group in every role you are playing – whether personal or professional?  Think about craftspeople.  Whether it is the artist painting so others can see the beauty as she sees it, or the woodworker using curly maple to make a classic piece of furniture, they always do one thing.  They sign their work.  Their name signifies they are proud of what they have created.  They want to be associated with it.  They want others to know they were the creator.

One of the simplest ways to move away from a feeling of being one of the faceless many is to do work that you are proud of.  Approach whatever you are doing with the commitment that you will sign the output, telling those who receive it that you did it, and that your reputation stands behind it.

If you work in a large organization and are evaluating whether you should enter a new market, make certain you are willing to stand behind your decision.  If you are in HR, and are evaluating a new compensation system, do the same.  If you are running a fund-raising event…if you are coaching a soccer team…if you are working in a fast food restaurant…if you are selling telephone service to business…if you are in a call center, if, if, if….

We would be in a much better environment, with less stress, frustration and yes, more happiness, if each of us were to make a pledge to sign everything we did.

The next time you do something, make a statement.

My personal promise each morning is that I will sign everything that I do today.  Will you make a similar commitment?

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