Thanksgiving – Putting Life in Perspective

This has not been an easy year.  As our economy continues to struggle, people have found numerous career challenges.  Organizations today function with a smaller number of employees; there are fewer promotions.   When there are jobs, most have found the hiring process to be slow.  The current business environment impacts everyone, whether employed or conducting an active job search.  There is uncertainty surrounding the future, and with it, careers.

But there is still a lot to be thankful for.

We each have the ability to decide what is most important, then take steps to attain it.  Perhaps the future will be different from the past, but it is possible to find your ideal role.  It is up to you to determine what it is, and then follow the appropriate path to get there.

By its very nature, Thanksgiving seems to be a time when we slow down a bit, put more focus on family and things of personal importance, and less on work.  This might also be an ideal time to be introspective, determine what is truly important and develop a plan to achieve it.  With the plan as the roadmap, it will be easier to focus on attaining your goals.

Let us all be thankful for the friends, families, associates, and even strangers who take the time to help us in our career journey.  A bit of business civility, sincere appreciation with a “Thank You,” will make the other person realize that you truly are grateful for what they have given.  This will go a long way as you continue to build an effective network, so important in managing your career today.

I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute, hoping that I add just a bit as my readers continue in their careers.  Let me know if there are things that I can do to give you some personal input, or assistance, in staying focused on your goals.

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