Business Lessons Learned From Left Field

Editor’s Note:  Your grandmother doesn’t have to die anymore.  Just tell the boss watching the World Series is strategic learning.


Like most everyone on Monday afternoon, October 12th, including an over-exuberant Texas Governor, I thought the Royals were sunk during Game 4 of the American League Division Championship.

Down 6-2 going into the 8th inning, the odds of mounting a comeback against the Houston Astros were a bleak 3.2%. However I, like every Royals fan out there, wanted to “stay tuned”  After last year’s Wild Card game and subsequent run to the World Series, followed by the regular season run they had this year, I just couldn’t fathom the idea of their season coming to an end.

Come-back kids: 7 runs in the final two innings to win 9-6

I was in a meeting downtown during the game. When I got into my car it was 6 – 2. I listened as the inning began and after the fourth single and two runs were added, I pulled over to watch the remainder of the game at a local restaurant.

Of course there were a few dozen other people who had done the exact same thing. None of us wanted to miss the magic that might unfold.  And unfold it did!

As I watched the Royals mount their comeback, it wasn’t one BIG play that made it happen, but a string of singles and a couple of timely walks that did in the Astros. And of course that gorgeous Hosmer two run homer in the 9th was icing on the cake!

After enjoying another historic and highly unlikely Royals comeback for the ages, it reminded me of what it takes to succeed in business…and, really, life in general. 


Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to be successful that I take BIG swings and often find myself behind the count and striking out.

The Royals had been tentative during the Astros series and on that Monday afternoon, after giving up an early lead, they seemed intent on trying to get the BIG hit to get them back in the game.

Instead, it was “small ball” that got them back into the game. A renewed focus on the fundamentals, plate discipline, being patient at the plate and hitting what was given to them…instead of trying to impose their will and pull the ball for power.

They were also willing to finally play as a team again…putting faith in their teammates to back them up with another hit to “keep the line moving.”

The Royals have been an inspiration to us all. That Monday (and, in reality, their entire Division Championship season) was no exception and was a great reminder for me to get back to the fundamentals, be disciplined, and stick to what I know works for success in business and life.

No more swinging for the fences for me. It’s back to focusing on getting a few timely singles.

A big THANK YOU to the Royals for their incredible season…and for contributing to my success. I hope their example is an inspiration for you to do the same!

Go Royals! #ForeverRoyal


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