When the Passion Cools with Young Job Seekers

Over the recent past, the message has been that today’s kids want to be different.  Young people coming in to the workforce have very individualistic ideas of what they were prepared to do if they had to get up and go to an office.

Free massages may no longer be the killer job perk
Free massages may no longer be the killer job perk

The buzzword was passion.  A job has to be something a guy could feel passionate about.

So, where are these trail-blazers?

A recent survey of current college students finds that a majority of young job seekers would choose security over passion.

We assume today’s first-timers want project-based work that will allow them to surf in Thailand for three months next year.  But we have not been talking to Elise Perazzini.

“I am not just looking for a job, but a career,” Perazzini said, about to enter the workforce.

Apparently many of her peers feel the same.  The survey by Adecco Staffing USA of over 1,000 Millenial and Generation Z (ages 18-20) students, showed 70% would prefer a stable job without a high level of emotional investment or passion over a job with lots of passion but no job security.

Organizers of the survey had opinions as to why.

“They probably have parents or friends or family who’ve been through the downturn and lost their jobs,” says Rich Thompson, chief human resources officer at Adecco Group North America. “And as a result, they’ve put more emphasis on security.”

So heads up.  If you are about to renovate the office, bear in mind not everybody is looking for a firm with a ping-pong table, free cafeteria and a place to park their dog.

Most want a stable position with a defined career path: “A long-lasting corporation that treats its employees with respect and value”, says Perazzini.


via: Stand by Me: Next-Generation Workers Seek Stability


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