Tomorrow and How to Get There

The word brings up visions – and concerns – for most.  It could be filled with opportunities…. it could be filled with risks.  Is tomorrow really just the day that begins when this one ends, or does it stretch into the future?

Your perspective has a lot to do with how you prepare.  If it is simply the activities of the next day, ending when the day ends, you approach it one way; if it is the next step in a journey, another.

“If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?”  Most have heard this old adage.  A journey that has no destination can be considered a success – if the journey itself, and the experiences along the way, are the goals!  On the other hand, a career without direction will seldom reach the desired results.  How are you approaching your career?  Is it about the journey, or is it essential to arrive at a specific destination?

Each of us has to make this personal decision.  There is not a universal answer.

Careers should be built on knowing what is important.  Success is defined as attaining your goals…not the goals others may have for you.  There are always opportunities to reevaluate and modify.  Yet this is meaningless unless you have determined your own priorities.

Is this the appropriate time for you to evaluate your own career journey?

My next several blogs will examine approaches that you can take to make certain you are on your desired journey.  There may be suggestions, questions and even challenges.

However you approach it, tomorrow will come.  What you do to prepare for it will go a long way in determining how you move forward with your career, and in an even broader perspective, your life.  Take this opportunity to understand and make decisions that will significantly impact you and those around you.

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