We keenly observe market trends for their relationship and effect upon sectors and companies working in financial transactions, matching this with the agile talent. This includes restructuring traditional banking back office, front office and category elements, to new and emerging business models and operating platforms such as mobile.

Our broader experience outside of Financial Services in IT, Tech, Telecoms, CyberSecurity and Mobile allows us to see the impact of convergent trends on FS. This allows us to identify where the best transferable talent with the insight and skills to drive your business forward, can be found.

Roles we help fill range from the traditional to advisors on trends including specialists to serve as in-house consultants and supervisory board members.

As well, we fill key / core positions in the traditional models , pulling cross sector / cross industry transferable talent from convergent trends to drive new and emerging models.


  • Recruitment of Top management, key positions, Supervisory Board
  • Board Advisory
  • Search and Selection
  • Assessment
  • Market Mapping
  • Coaching

Thought Leaders

We actively promote networking and thought leadership through events and the opinions of selected experts such as:

  • Financial Services Club, CEE / DACH, Chris Skinner
  • Bloggers
  • Thought Leaders, Dr Thorniley, Morris Segall

With these and other partners, we also offer specialized services in addition to our standard Board advisory, consultancy and recruiting.  These include:

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Specialist and Technical Consultancy
  • Leadership Development and Cultural Change