Cornerstone believes in and promotes fairness among the human race. To us, fairness is about diversity, equity and inclusion, creating equal opportunities between men and women of all colors and backgrounds.

This is a moral position. But it is also pragmatic and common sense.

In a recent McKinsey & Company study, companies with racially diverse employees are 35% more likely to experience higher returns, making it a crucial component in building your competitive advantage.

An earlier study of 3,000 managers concluded that women are better leaders than men.

But, according to the Harvard Business Review, 78% of employees say their organization lacks diversity, especially in leadership positions.

There is much works to be done. So where do we go from here?

Cornerstone supports the initiative of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) and is proud to be counted among the members of our profession believing in the power of diverse talent and inclusive cultures.

In so doing, we acknowledge that there are things we can and should do as a profession at the business level.  We fully subscribe to the AESC pledge:

  • We share a commitment to combat racism, prejudice and discrimination within our own organization, with candidates, the clients we serve, and in our communities.
  • We pledge to use our collective voices and actions to help create a world that is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible for all.


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