Typical Clients

Most of my clients are senior executives with Greater China leadership responsibility in a cross-cultural business environment. I also offer coaching experiences to senior leaders in State Owned Companies to help them understand how a coach can benefit the business and the organization.

Results Achieved

I coached an executive who recently joined a new company.  She faced challenges on how to re-build her team’s capability and build interpersonal relationships with peers and leaders.  One-on-one coaching sessions enabled her to focus on the future and her true goal, rather than focusing on the past and problem, and helped her proactively embrace change instead of being passively led by change. After fof our months coaching, she identified her short term and long term goal with the company and increased her sense of fulfillment.

Another executive I coached is the GM, Greater China of a French Company.  The company is in a fast expansion phase and the main challenge is more from an organization perspective, ie. organization effectiveness, leadership capabilities elevation to achieve business objectives.

Through the coaching program, she recognized the importance of empowerment and delegation and that what benefits her the most is increased awareness of her behaviors and its impact on her team.  As a result, the leadership team is deeply involved in the business planning and decision process, it has built a solid foundation for future business growth and the company is now more driven by a shared vision and goal.

Professional History

My earlier career began with Coca-Cola China, Compaq Computer e-Commerce Center (Asia).  Before operating as a professional coach, I held the position of GM of a Singapore based PR company in East China region and various management positions in HR including talent management, learning and engagement for fortune 500 companies.

My 20+ years of MNC experience covered management, sales, marketing, human resources, in various industries.


I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and a certified NLP coach. I am accredited in Lantern Assessment. I also have experiences in applying MBTI and DISC for personal development.

Coaching Approach

My style is genuine and grounded which comes from an emotional intelligence perspective; this is effective in helping people take ownership of their aspirations to embrace change. Developing leaders and making leaders great is what I am passionate about.

Coaching is all about unlocking personal potential to maximize one’s own performance.  It is about building awareness, responsibility, and promoting self-belief.  I believe there are endless possibilities  that can result from coaching.