Coaching Approach

My style of coaching is rigorously driven around identifying growth areas and expansiveness- that which creates enhanced leadership abilities, results focus and fulfillment at work. “Well being” is an important component of the way executives and their teams are able to pursue success and attain accomplishments. I bring into every coaching engagement ‘respectful challenge; reflections on what can happen better and attention to small changes and associated detail- the trim tab principle.

Coaching conversations are frequently followed through e-mail to give shape to those ‘action areas’ and real deployment. I see executive coaching as an opportunity to facilitate positive difference in the individual and the scores of people the individual leads/influences.

While one-hour fortnightly/weekly sessions are typical to a coaching program, it can be configured to suit individual and organizational needs.

Typical Clients

My clients are Senior Managers, Executives, Business Leaders, CXOs and CEOs from different sectors. These leaders are already successful and therefore in key positions in the organizations they represent. They have achieved much in their career and helped others grow. Yet, there could be areas which need alignment, having been deeply involved in bringing success to their organizations and function, they would have little time to pause and reflect minutely, seeking an outside view that is useful and unbiased. I walk alongside and bring about possibilities hitherto not paid attention to or unexplored.

Results Achieved

A question that I pose of the coaching intervention on nearing completion of the coaching engagement – ‘How will you describe the efficacy of our coaching assignment?’ Typical responses have been “I’m building a dream team” “ Benefits of coaching will be seen in the coming quarters” “Able to get things done without telling, but by asking the right questions” “Ownership with my team has improved” “Able to straddle personal and professional life better” “Improved relationships” “Have transitioned into my new role meaningfully” “I have defined my goals and am pursuing my action plans with a great deal of clarity” “It will show positively on the top-line and/or bottom-line”

A senior executive moved into a leadership role in the Indian arm of an IT MNC. The culture here was very different from his native country. The coaching engagement lasted for a year and involved fortnightly sessions. What was a cumbersome, floundering journey for the executive turned into an interesting experience with a lot of fact finding and connect with his immediate team. In between sessions, there was an excitement of discovery and sharing that happened over telephonic calls. Much of this was achieved entirely by the executive with minimal inputs. Importantly, I was a listener, a sounding board and a guide when required, just holding a compass.

Professional History

I started my career in the early nineteen nineties. Have co-founded four organizations so far, including PeopleSmart Leadership Consulting. In the capacity of CEO, I have built and mentored large teams, including an overall team size of seventy experienced Consultants in the areas of management consulting, executive search and leadership consulting.

I have worked primarily in India, and also supported and served clients and client organizations across Asia, Europe and the US. I have over the years acquired understanding of cultural variances and sensitivities. With this know-how I have been able to contribute towards the success of executives with cross border roles and responsibilities.


  • More than 3000 hours of coaching experience.
  • Professional Certified Coach from ICF.
  • Certified Executive Coach from Neuro Linguistic Institute.
  • Thirty years of work experience, twenty years in Consulting, Executive Search and Executive Development.
  • Co-Founded four companies in the consulting, coaching, training and hospitality space.
  • Program Director and author of Masterful Coach Training Program, ICF. Authorized to certify individuals at ACC and PCC levels in India and globally.
  • Certified Trainer and Master Trainer for several behavioral and skill development workshops.
  • Hold Copyrights to frameworks, chief among these is ‘Uptreat’ a new approach to leadership through participation and taking care of the well-being of people.