Coaching Approach


I use a proprietary model called  the “5 A” Model that breaks down the Coaching journey – Awareness, Ask for feedback, Aim, Action, Accountability.

This break down the various levels of change that the coachee might experience starting with a deeper sense of Self-awareness coupled with feedback from Stakeholders as “Leadership is a contact sport”. Contracting on the right goals is a crucial step and doubling up as a cheerleader and an accountability partner helps the coachee to bridge the gap between “thought and action”

When the “new set of behaviors” are consistently practiced, it paves the way to higher accountability and builds deep moats to prevent backsliding to earlier behaviors. All this, while preserving the authentic core that enables us to be congruent in thought word and deed.


Typical Clients


My Clients are CEO’s and their direct reports, who have the potential to get to the next level of Leadership. I enable them to “do more, get more and eventually be more”. I help increase their self-awareness and their sense of orientation before rewiring themselves to present their most powerful authentic selves to the world. I help them to connect dots between behavioral change and the strategic goals they have set for themselves. I do this with Empathy and Energy as I bring understanding of the Business environment and healthy curiosity about “their story”. Surfacing their assumptions, needs, values, beliefs etc, they are more than ready to handle the next leadership curve ball headed their way with poise and quiet strength.


Results Achieved


Coaching success: One of my coachees was getting promoted as a global divisional COO of a Fortune 500 org. and the theme was executive presence and inspirational story telling. I got pre and post feedback data from Europe and the US leadership teams and we could establish a clear line of sight with goals, process and eventual results. The Coachee went on to steward a huge coaching program within the organisation.

A high performing VP was promoted as COO of a Delivery Centre after we worked on his situational leadership, awareness and empathy.

The India CEO of a Global Co. Working Unicorn went through a transformation in Inspirational Story telling and Executive Presence and this was amply corroborated by Stakeholder feedback and increase in visibility and Influence in Industry.


Professional History


With close to 2 decades of Industry experience in Sales and Business Development across Asia in the Media Domain, I bring a lot of that experience in very quickly being able to understand the “Context” behind the behavioral change. I bring that business understanding coupled with more than 2500 hours of coaching expertise across 100 Business Leaders in Asia and the US.

As a Young business Leader, who rose fast based on excellent Business Acumen, and creativity, I also evolved to adopt newer ways to working to get the best out of my team and also to thrive in a multicultural environment across different geographies in Asia and MENA.

As the Head of Sales and BD for the National Geographic (My last role) – I thrived in leading the team into newer geographies and exceeding revenue targets. I was also responsible for many trendsetting examples of Newer and creative business models in the Media Advertising Industry.

As a Speaker, Author, Columnist – I have the unique opportunity to impact Senior Leaders across Businesses as a Thought leader in the Leadership and Coaching space




Professional Certified Coach -PCC -(ICF -USA)

Graduate from ICA (International Coaching Academy – Sydney)

Certifications – Leadership Agility

Master Certified Coach – (LHH)

Cisco Strength’s Certified Coach