Typical Clients

My clients vary. Most are senior executives and entrepreneurs who know great leadership and cohesive teams make the difference between mediocre results and successful achievements. Others are at an inflection point for their company or their own career and simply trying to sort through key decisions.

Results Achieved

A CEO who needed a sounding board to tackle critical challenges he faced with the sales and marketing team. Through coaching, he was able to map out key action items needed for the team to perform at a higher level including adjustments for his own leadership style to be more influential with the team.

A CFO who joined a family enterprise after the previous one failed to assimilate. We worked closely to identify how his values aligned with the company and lay the foundation for results. After 100 days, his peers consistently shared the strengths he brought to the team; and the CEO issued a raise and a bonus.

A Fortune 1000 HR executive was frustrated with her work/life balance. In the past, she’d change jobs. Through coaching, she gained insight into the underlying behavior impacting her satisfaction. Together, we implemented new practices to yield higher productivity at work resulting in more time with family.

Professional History

With my 20+ years leading corporate growth initiatives including as a C-suite leader at a global organization, I have experience building and managing critical business functions and teams of all sizes to ignite high performance. My own executive leadership skills were developed in the day-to-day demands of the job, working with diverse business cultures and through high-impact coaching.


I am a certified coach from the Center for Executive Coaching and a member of Heartland ICF. In addition, I am trained to apply Leadership 360s and TTI Success Insights Leadership and Emotional Quotient Assessments. I also have experience with DiSC, StrengthFinder and Profile XT. I received a BA from Simpson College and a MBA from Drake University.

Coaching Approach

I meet you where you are and help build capacity for sustainable growth. I believe every engagement should start with a clear goal. Once the goal is set, I apply a 3-step model with clients.  My approach is a dialogue that blends listening, asking powerful questions and practical advice when needed. Lastly, I’ll help you track results along the way to achieve your desired outcome.