How Can You Lead if No-one is There?

Three months ago you might have asked that question. But the amazing take up on digital communications has reset the board.

Everyone is still there! They are not down on the third floor anymore (and may not be for a while, with talk of second and third waves) but they are out there, listening, caring, querying, and cheering.

We may have seen a record of sorts at last week’s DNC convention which required 400 operations centres, hundreds of video feeds, speakers using video production kits sent by mail, and a lighting-fast, roll-call tour of 57 states and territories.

So, yes. Everyone is still out there and savvy leaders are more vital than ever.

We’ll be looking at this on Wednesday with a webinar bringing together global leaders in London, New York, and Shanghai.

Check the video to hear from Simon Wan in Shanghai, Chairman of Cornerstone International Group and Moderator of the discussion 

And click on this link to gain access to the webinar itself on Wednesday, August 26 at 11:00 EDT

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