Young Bosses Seek Older Employees in Israel Tech


Our Cornerstone member in Tel-Aviv reflects on the merits of recruiting older employees in a young person’s business.

recruiting older employees is popular in Isarel tech firms

Most high-tech businesses today are headed by people in their late twenties and early thirties. This is certainly the case with businesses operating in Israel.

However, unlike the rest of the world, the businesses in Israel are not dominated by an equally young and energetic workforce.   Tech businesses here are recruiting older employees.

It is not uncommon to see older people working for younger bosses in the high-tech industry in Israel. In fact, recruiting agencies often receive requests for older candidates from their clients in both high-tech and other business niches. Even though this trend is completely untraditional, it is becoming increasingly popular within the Israeli work environment.

One of the reasons is the unique outlook of the young entrepreneurs here. They know that hiring older professionals can prove beneficial for their organization in more ways than one.  The key benefits they expect to reap through this unconventional hiring decision include:

  • Exploit A Wealth of Experience
  • Add Character to the Business
  • Teach Humility and Dedication
  • Build Loyalty toward Organization


Exploit A Wealth of Experience

Older employees come with an extensive expertise in their respective field. The younger bosses can exploit this wealth of experience to improve their business operations as well as to overcome the various challenges they face on a daily basis.

Despite the countless changes in workplace environment and business culture, they find the basic concepts of managing and running a business don’t change. Thus, the experience of the older employees combined with the latest tools and technologies can help in enhancing business growth significantly.

Add a Sense of Character to the Business.

The presence of professionals well advanced in age adds a sense of character to organizations.  Clients tend to place greater trust in such companies as they believe the older employees will be capable of better judgement and business wisdom.

Clients also expect such organizations would operate in a more stable manner which in turn would ensure better safety for their investments. In most cases, the older professionals provide practical and unique solutions to their younger bosses for fulfilling client needs and expectations.

Teach Humility and Dedication

Many younger bosses request older professionals from their employment agencies in Israel because they feel that it will make their general workforce more humble and dedicated. This is because the earlier generations of employees rarely enjoyed the benefits of an employee-centric work culture such as we have today.

Older employees are in general known to have high levels of commitment and dedication which the employers feel can deeply influence other younger employees.

Build Greater Loyalty toward Organization

Older employees tend to have a greater level of loyalty towards the organization than their younger counterparts. This is because they tend to feel more satisfied with their current professional standing. Rather than seeking better career growth opportunities, they are more focused on consolidating their position with the current organization, making them more loyal.


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