6 Principles to Set New Employees up for Success

Putting down a dog because it is troublesome is too often an admission of failure. Nine times out of ten, the dog is a problem because of poor or non-existent training.

The same goes for people, You’re not supposed to euthanize employees for behaving poorly. It’s a much better plan to find a coach, correct the problem, and set them up for success.

Our New Puppy

We recently got our third puppy, another Labrador as we are hooked on the breed. What we did differently this time however, is hire a coach, to ensure that we helped her get adjusted, adapt to our household and the neighborhood we live in.

The past decade has seen an incredible revolution in dog training. Far too many dogs are troublesome or put down because owners did not take time to socialize them properly, left them alone or didn’t teach them the rules.

Train Early for Success

There is significant evidence that the most essential training period for dogs is in the first six months of their lives. The new training embraces their cognitive development, looks at how they learn, what motivates them and how they make sense of the world.

This is critical when people join new companies or get promoted into new/leadership roles. It was a reminder of several basic but important principles when setting someone up for success in new environments;

6 Important Principles for New Employee Success

  1. Do some homework ahead of time. Think about what you want, what will suit your environment, and be prepared for their arrival.

  2. Understand how they see the world, how they learn and what motivates them.

  3. The first couple of months are all about socialization; “the process of developing relationships with others”. Introduce them to everything and everyone, so they are exposed to your world and better able to cope in a new and complex environment.

  4. Set them up for success. Give them what they need to adapt to your world. Show them what is acceptable, “how things are done around here”.

  5. Provide structure and rules but make sure its fun.

  6. Do this in the first six months.

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